Tales of Midgard and the Southlands

Goblins in the Brewery!
Fire and Terrible Loss

Delivering an order for goods to be transported to Nuria Natal, the group arrived at the Causeway Canton as an unexpected blizzard forced them to stay the night. Using the storm for cover, a group of goblins attacked the brewery and village. Several structures were set on fire, the horses were saved, and an ogre killed the Druid’s animal companion.

As the session ended, the party prepared to enter the Causeway warrens, and finish off whatever goblins remained.

The Plague of Shadows
Attacking the Darkness!

The intrepid band of adventurers sealed the rift between the Shadowlands and Midgard, preventing more shades from hunting the streets of Zobeck and rescuing a little girl in the process.

But where did the rift come from? What opened it? How can it be prevented from happening again?

The group accepts the patronage of Lord Koppa, a plutarch of Zobeck, and endeavors not only to answer this question, but to replace the silk wasp queen they killed while investigating the Plague of Shadows.

Welcome to Midgard!
Adventures in Zobeck and Beyond

Having arrived in Zobeck to spend the loot claimed from the Sunless Citadel, our heroes find themselves attacked by terrible shadows and plagued by visions of a girl, trapped in the earth.

Will they determine the source of this evil and stop it? Can they rescue the girl? Will they live to tell the tale?


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